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Injury Prevention

Have you ever been excited to start a new exercise program, shed a few pounds, and get in shape? It’s incredible, until about 2-3 weeks in when you suffer an Read More

Eat This, Not That, To Fight Your Cold

Bottom Line:  When you’re under the weather and just trying to get through the day, necessities like food are often the last things on your mind. You just want to feel Read More

Simple Tips to Keep Your Immune System in Tip-Top Shape

Bottom Line: Thank goodness for the immune system! Did you know, you encounter bacteria that could make you sick each and every day? Your immune system is fighting to keep Read More

Bouncing Back from the Holiday Hangover

Bottom Line:  The New Year = a new opportunity to get healthier, lose those extra pounds, and overcome the holiday hangover. The first step to having more energy, getting active and Read More

New Year. Less Stress.

Bottom Line: Did you know that recent studies indicate that over 54% of people are stressed by the amount of stress in their lives? That’s a lot of stress! Stress in Read More

Make This the Year of Better Sleep

Bottom Line: Most of us know someone who doesn’t have the best sleeping patterns. Not surprisingly, many of us think of ourselves when this topic comes up because we’re all too Read More

Boost Your Energy in 2020

Bottom Line:  Fact: a simple 10-15 minute walk can be all it takes to help you feel more energized. That’s right. The key to boosting your energy is staying active! Studies Read More

How to Avoid Getting Sick this Holiday Season

Bottom Line:  Do you get sick around the same time each year? The stress of the holidays (if not carefully managed) can wreak havoc on your immune system. When you feel Read More

BACK TO SCHOOL: Spine and Nervous System Check Ups for the Entire Family

The end of summer and children returning to school represents a time for check-ups and annual measurements. Toddlers and young children usually take an annual trip to a physician for Read More

Why Do Most Professional Athletes and Teams Employ a Chiropractor?

Athletes spend billions of dollars on performance improvement. These world class competitors implement cutting edge workout routines, resistance training techniques, coordination drills, and reaction time improvement devices designed to create Read More

Chiropractic Improves Balance and Coordination

Over 300,000 older people enter hospitals for hip fractures every year. More than ninety-five percent of hip fractures result from falling. The most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) Read More

How Can Chiropractic Help with Sciatica?

Research evidence revealed that Chiropractic adjustments helped sciatica sufferers achieve relief from low back and leg pain symptoms. Sciatica represents an underlying health condition and manifests through pain, numbness, weakness, Read More

Headaches are literally a PAIN in the Neck!

A study confirms the cause of most headaches directly correlates to the condition of the neck. The science behind the study puts emphasis on the relationship between the cervical (neck) Read More

A Chiropractic Defence Against a Massive Pollen Forecast

Experts predict this year’s pollen counts will be at an all-time high in the southern United States. Similar forecasts drape across many other regions of the country. The pollen count Read More

Watching the Child vs. Watching the Fever

In this video Dr. Jeff explains the difference between watching the fever and watching the child after his daughter came home from school with a fever.Watch the Fever vs. Watch Read More

Feel and Function Better with Chiropractic Care

Bottom Line: The first thought many people have when suffering with back or neck pain is “Better go the Chiropractor,” because, as research shows, Chiropractic adjustments are one of the best Read More

Viewing 1 - 16 out of 17 posts